PUP remains employers’ top choice, followed by UP and DLSU

Leading online job portal JobStreet by SEEK has officially revealed the latest list of top educational institutions preferred by hirers in the Philippines when it comes to recruiting applicants. 

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) (23.39%) remains the top institution where hirers get their talent due to employers’ perception of PUP graduates as effective team players in the workplace. 

Meanwhile, the University of the Philippines (UP) (9.17%) ranked second followed by the De La Salle University (DLSU) (6.88%), with both universities benefiting from the reputation and alignment of their institutions to the industries of hirers. The University of Santo Tomas (UST) (5.28%) and Mapúa University (3.44%) placed fourth and fifth respectively. 

The remaining schools that complete the list include Batangas State University (3.21%), University of Mindanao (2.29%), University of Cebu (2.06%), Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) (2.06%), and STI College (2.06%).  

Conducted last May 2023, the survey encompassed 42 industries and involved more than 700 companies of varying sizes from the platform’s hirer base. 

The survey aims to empower hirers to be more focused on the jobseekers being approached and guide them in crafting policy recommendations to enact changes in both the academe and in the workplace while obtaining a deeper understanding of the distinctive strengths possessed by each academic institution. 

According to the survey, hirers from Information Technology, Human Resources, and Call Center/BPO industries are the top recruiters that hire talent from PUP and UP. On the other hand, DLSU graduates are frequently sought after in the Healthcare, Information Technology, and Property/Real Estate sectors. Companies from Call Center/BPO, Business Consulting, and Hospitality, among others, recruit candidates from UST,  while hirers from Construction, Information Technology, and Telco are likely to hire graduates from Mapua Institute of Technology. 

When it comes to employers’ desired attributes from applicants, the survey states that hirers prioritize factors such as the schools’ alignment with their business sector, hard work, and reputation. Other factors that hirers also consider include a candidate’s self-esteem, location, and alumni status. 

“We hope that the insights shared through this survey can help in improving connections between jobseekers and employers,” said JobStreet by SEEK Country Manager Philip Gioca. “Most importantly, more than these preferences, it is crucial for candidates to recognize and hone their own unique qualities and strengths that are primary factors for determining hireability and career growth.”For more insights and career advice, visit jobstreet.com.ph