[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow do the people in Boracay spend Good Friday?

To find out for myself, I trooped to this small island in the Visayas during the Holy Week last year.

The experience was so surreal that no attempts has been made on my part to describe it even until now.

What I could remember though was the fact that there were “B’s” all around – beer, bikini babes, bare torsos, barbecue, beach-ready bodies, bimbos, boylets, booze, and the music of Bob Marley and the Beachboys!

Not that I am complaining but that trip sooo assaulted my senses and ripped my insides apart that I vowed to never, never, never go back again to Boracay Island…

……if it ain’t Holy Week. wink

Here are some of the “Good Friday in Boracay” pictures I took.  These were taken right after the clock struck 12 signalling that Good Friday is over and it’s already Black Saturday and everything is fever pitch.

Click on each for a larger view please.

Here are more of the party scene in Boracay post-Good Friday…

How about you? Have you ever spent the Holy Week in Boracay? How was it?