Although belatedly, I am posting pictures of the Mini Crown Roast which was our main course during the New Year’s Eve dinner whipped out by my four nieces, headed by Claudine who is a 3rd year Hotel and Restaurant Management student at the Golden State College in GenSan.

It was our first NY dinner since my 82-year old Mom left us April last year. This time, my siblings wanted a menu which we haven’t tried before and which our mom would surely have loved if she were still alive.

To our rescue was the December issue of Yummy Magazine which featured a mouth-watering cover of this pork dish called Mini Crown Roast. We lost no time in hieing off to the nearest Monterey Meat Shop at P. Acharon Boulevard to get the specially-packed pork ribs.

We then left the kitchen under the leadership of Claudine who, with the Yummy Magazine as her guide set down to work on  her and her sisters’  challenge  to make the dinner most memorable and  special.

To make the long story short, the dinner was a smash and as these pictures attest, we have now a budding chef in the family.