With just a few more days before the Biggest Beach Party in Mindanao, excitement has been building up even more with the upcoming performance of an all-female rock band that will most definitely kick ass in a men-stereotyped world of rock and roll.

Thanks to Tanduay 5, SarBay Fest 2013 will be bringing in the all0girl band General Luna in a one-night stand at the white beach of Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani!

General Luna is composed of band vocalist, Nicole Asensio, also known as Crow Jane;  RJ TV host Caren Mangaren; bass player Alexis Montemayor; guitariest Audry Dionisio; and drummer Bea Lao.

Their music has been used in different telenovelas, most notably Nandito (from Glass Castle) and Tila (My Cosplay Princess).

Together, these talented ladies will make sure that SarBay Fest 2013 lives up to its reputation as the rockingest party this side of the island.  Wouldn’t you want to be there and witness them prove it?

Let’s Rock & Roll SARBAY together!