Bariles is happy to announce that this blog, GenSan News Online Magazine already has more than 300 subcsribers as of today, February 25, 2009!  Not a large number compared to A-list bloggers, but hey!  The blog is only 1 year and 3 months old.

Here is a screenshot of his Google Feedburner Account which you may want to click to enlarge the image.

Bariles Subscriber Count

Just over a year ago, his subscribers consisted of just a few family members, office mates and close friends who have access to the Internet and who were coaxed, threatened, bribed and if those didn’t work, blackmailed the rest to subscribe to his feeds.

Being a place blog focusing on General Santos City, he also started targetting the “generals” and promoted it on his Friendster, Multiply, Hi5, Tagged and Facebook accounts.  And as advised by one of his mentors, Blogie Robillo, he also joined forums and mailing lists in case, a “general” who lurks there somewhere may be “misled” into checking out Bariles Republic.

He also optimized his blog title, changing it from purely Bariles Republic, to Bariles Republic’s GenSantos.Com to the current Bariles Republic’s GenSan News Online Mag, thus upping its standing in Google searches.  This definitely attracted a good number of “generals” who were looking for news about home.

Bariles started giving away freebies, spearheaded eyeballs (MBS2), sponsored contests to make his presence felt in his own turf in Soccsksargen.  In a big way, these too helped increase awareness of his little blog’s presence and subsequently, his subscriber base increased and increased to what it is now.

Now his goal is for Bariles’ email readers to grow to 500 subscribers by yearend, a feat which could be easier to achieve if readers like you tell your friends about this little blog and enjoin them to subscribe, just like you did.

Or if not, you can join my 300+ intelligent subscribers by entering your email address below.

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