[dropcap]W[/dropcap]oohoo!!  Yes, you read it right!  Gensan News Online Mag, General Santos City oldest blog is celebrating its 10th Blogoversary or Blog Anniversary today, November 8, 2017!


After 1,787 posts, 10 years and millions of page visits, our blog is still here… and it is all because of you, my lovely readers!

Check out my first blog post at this link – http://www.gensantos.com/banana-q-anyone/.  Screenshot below.

First Blog Post - Gensan News
First Blog Post – Gensan Newss l

Coincidentally, the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers Family is also celebrating its 10th Birthday on January 2018, a few weeks from now.  I formed it with Ariel Lalisan (now a renowned teacher at Sarangani), Hector Miñoza (a community organizer and speaker), Bro. Vince Celeste (a teacher), Mark Aethen Agana (an IT biggie), and couple Job & Liezl Oberio (Job is now in New Zealand while Liezl is an entrep in Gensan).  Together, these bloggers who have became my close friends also became my very valuable mentors and have guided me through this journey.

I am dedicating this milestone to them and to my fellow Sox Bloggers, past and present who have helped me grow as a blogger.

I am also grateful to the people who have also embraced me and have been sources of the news I post here and to my sponsors, old and new (Smart, Dolefil, SM City General Santos, Macho Mucho, Atman Urban Day Spa, Starbucks, PLDT, etc.).  Daghang salamat gikan sa akong kasing-kasing.

Lastly, to my muse, the Planetman, who during my fledgling days as a blogger, had to wait patiently for me to finish working on my posts, whether at my then office or at a 24/7 Internet Cafe. That resolve to support me in this endeavor has never wained, has never faded even up to this day.  He is this blog’s #1 fan.  Damu gid sang salamat, Ting.

So what will be in store for me for the next 10 year?  Well, I will still be busy on my advocacy to promote Gensan and its environs through this blog but most importantly through my advocacy as a Google evangelist, being the manager of Google Business Group – Gensan and as the Moderator of Google Local Guides – SoCCSkSargen.  These tasks have managed to co-exist along with my day job as a Consultant and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this setup.

I wil also continue mentoring others in all these advocacies I am involved in, to put Gensan and SoCCSkSarGen in everyone’s radar, because, I believe, that it is a worthwhile and valuable legacy we all could leave for our beloved birthplace

I, thank you.