Got this exciting piece of good news from the lovely and bubbly City Tourism Officer Ms. Cora Tito through our email.

The 3rd Gensan Eco-Karera 2010, bagged the Championship award in the recently concluded “Best Tourism Practices Awards” as conferred by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines, during the Awards Night of the 11th ATOP National Convention held at SBECC (Subic Bay Exhibition & Convention Center, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.)

The award proclaimed the 3rd Gensan Eco-Karera as the 2010’s Best Tourism Event of the Philippines- Adventure & Sports Category, City Level.

The award was received by Mr. Jing Velos- the 3rd Gensan Eco-Karera Race Director, Hon. Virgie T. Llido- the SP Committee Chair on Tourism, Dianne Kristine Acharon and Ms. Maria Cora C. Tito- the City’s Tourism Officer, last October 5, 2010, at SBECC, SBMA.

The 3rd Gensan Eco Karera is Gensan’s own version of Amazing Race , totalling a distance of 60 kilometers, covering eight (8) Barangays, featuring the city’s Eco-Tourism Destination potentials, including the city’s highest peak (Sanchez Peak) towering on an elevation of about 730meters ASL.

Race disciplines included trail running, mountain biking, canyoneering, bouldering and river trekking/running in a 60-kilometers track of rolling terrain, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, dirt and cemented roads. Participants of the race came from all over the island, with Team Edge from Davao emerging as the Champion.
Last year, the 2nd Gensan Eco-Karera won 1st runner up in the ATOP Awards, but this year, through hardwork by the organizers and some race refinements, the 3rd GenSan Eco-Karera claimed the Championship!

Another major activity of the Tourism Division is The 5th National Tourism Week Celebration, that also won as the Champion of the ” Best Tourism Practices Awards” again as conferred by ATOP on the same convention.  The Award: the Best National Tourism Week Celebration- City Level Category. (Report by Ms. Cora Tito)

Whoa GenSan!!! Congratulations to the winning Tourism Team of the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office headed by Mr. Egai Cadiente!!!! Keep on surprising us guys!!!

Magandang GenSan!!!