The General Santos International Airport expansion project is now 95% complete, according to the SoCCSkSargen Area Development Project Office (ADPO), the Secretariat of the GSC Airport Development Task Force that is assigned to oversee its construction. Barring any unforseen circumstances,  this ?1B undertaking will finally be turned over to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines  (CAAP) by November 2020, 5 years after its construction began .

Front facade of the Gensan Airport
The facade of the all-new General Santos City International Airport

This is the first major facelift and expansion of the Gensan International Airport since it started operating in 1996. Its construction suffered numerous delays and the pandemic this year has postponed its turnover even further.

The Gensan Airport Signage at the back of the new expanded building that greets arriving passengers.

The new Gensan Airport Manager Joel Gavina explained that the expanded 2nd story will be used as the main pre-departure area and will be occupied by a few offices and dining + souvenir shops.

The new Gensan Airport Manager Joel Gavina (extreme right) and ADPO’s Jenelyn Matondo during the latter’s recent site visit representing Ginalyn Cachuela.
The left wing of the 2nd floor that will host the pre-departure rooms and shops.

Two bridges have been constructed to direct the departing passengers to their planes.

The view from the left wing of the 2nd floor.  On the right is one of the passenger bridges.

The main facade which resembles the fins of the tuna from afar is even more impressive inside.  A cavernous hall unlike any other I have seen greets departing passengers. A glass dome separates it from a set of escalators leading to the 2nd floor.

A single massive post greets passengers at the main hall.

And yes, final finishings are being done on the toilets at the 2nd floor while the new ones at the arrival area are now open.

The male Toilet at the arrival area.

The ADPO headed by Ms. Ginalyn Cachuela will be inspecting the facilities along with the Gensan Airport Task Force in October for a final look on its status.

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