This is a personal post, so Bariles is asking for your indulgence, dear readers and subscribers.

The picture you see below features Bariles together with the Day Shift staff of the Emergency Room of the General Santos City Doctor’s Hospital, taken on the afternoon of Sunday, March 8, 2009.

GSCDoctor's Hospital ER Staff & Bariles

These people, especially attending physician Dr. Joy Flores (in white), nurses Anne Hazel Posadas (sitting, grand daughter of Bariles’ Godparents, Dr. Gervacio and Alice Posadas), John Pascua and Robert Romero attended to him when he showed up at their E.R., complaining of something.  They gave him all the assistance he needed, making him as comfortable as possible despite the pain he was feeling that time.

He also had no problem applying for a room and having his x-ray taken.  All the ladies he encountered were accommodating, friendly and cheerful, which was surprising considering the stressful field they were in.

At some point when it was clear that he does not need to be admitted (thank God) and was to be sent home, Nurse Anne, John and Robert even helped him with the process of reimbursing the money he paid for some medicines at the pharmacy which he did not need after all.

Bariles has always dreaded hospitals and emergency rooms for that matter but with the kind of service that the E.R. staff and other personnel of GSC Doctors Hospital showered him with, that feeling was erased from him, hopefully forever.

Thank you guys!

To my partner, my sister Maravel and her husband, Alan together with my nieces, who kept me company all throughout what could have been a painful and costly ordeal, no words can express how grateful I am even just with your presence. God is so good for giving you to me.  🙂