For couch potatoes and endomorphs like Bariles and his siblings who have long wanted to lose weight but couldn’t be able to do it due to one reason or another, here is some piece of good news!

Robinsons Place GenSan is spearheading an activity meant for overweights, underweights or guys who just simply want to live healty.  This is their weekend Aerobics Class which they have dubbed simply as, “GROUP EXERCISE“.

Robinsons GenSan s Poster for their Group Exercise Activity

Robinsons GenSan 's Poster for their Group Exercise Activity"

From 6:00am to 7:00am every Saturday and Sunday, Robinsons Place GenSan is providing group exercise classes to anybody who would want to lose weight, tone their bodies and sweat if off in a Mass Aerobics Session right at their Main Entrance under the tall canopy of their mall.

This is their way of contributing to the local city government’s mission in promoting a healthy lifestyle for the generals;  and for the benefit of some of their employees who will also be joining the one-hour aerobics marathon. Considering the alarming trend of people developing diabetes, heart disease, hypertension these days, this is one very laudable project from the Robinsons Management.

No sign up is needed here. It is open to everyone, of all ages and sizes.  Just be sure to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Even though it is of no cost to the generals, I just hope that Robinsons will also provide free-flowing drinking water for those who are joining this, including Bariles, of course.

See you on Saturday then as we huff and puff away to  slimmer, sexier and healthier bods, courtesy of Robinsons Place GenSAn’s GROUP EXERCISE PROJECT!!!