Earlier this week, the top honchos of Jetti Petroleum, Inc., one of the more aggressive new players in the fuel distribution industry were in General Santos City to meet GenSan Mayor Jun Acharon and the officers of the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

The mayor was supposed to go out of town that day but held on for a few more hours to talk to Jetti National Marketing Manager Leo Bellas along with JFI Subic Trading Inc General Manager Christopher Macomb, Bulk Sales and Lubricant Manager (!) Arcangel Almalvez and Retail Manager Jose Marie Francisco.

Mayor with Jetti and GenSan Chamber officers

Mayor Jun Acharon in a photo with (from left) Husky Bus Line’s Dr. Emilio Escobillo, Chamber Prexy Jan Ced, Jetti National Marketing Manager Leo Bellas, the Mayor, JFI Subic Trading Inc. General Manager Christopher Macomb, PAL GenSan Manager Abelardo Plaza, Jetti Bulk Sales & Lubricant Manager Arcangel Almalvez and Jetti Retail Manager Jose Marie Francisco. Photo taken at Orange Bistro by Bariles, April 1, 2009.

The Jetti Petroleum Inc. group extended to the good mayor and the leaders of the business sector their desire  to open up gasoline stations in the city and elsewhere in the region, as part of their expansion program.   They also revealed a plan to set up their own depot along the coast of GenSan.

This plan augurs well for the city and her riding public.    Jetti which is known for its agressive marketing and pricing moves, might force the three major oil players Shell, Chevron and Petron, which have been selling their fuel products in GenSan at prices way above those in Davao, with the difference hovering between five and eight pesos, to lower their retail prices.

It’s about time that Shell and Chevron stop fooling the people by saying that due to the closure of their oil depots in heavily populated Barangay Bula (by virtue of a order from the local government), their transport costs have gone higher.  A few centavos yes, but a P5 to P8-peso difference?

And what about Petron whose depot has been existing in Barangay Tambler for many years now?  How come it still follows the pricing range of the other two?

To my readers and loyal subscribers, there is actually one word to describe the reason for this 3-member fuel cartel’s insistence in pricing the fuel prices in GenSan way, way above those in Davao – GREED.

Plain and simple GREED.