Now that the nights are longer and the air is cooler and balmier in and around the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, it is almost time for one of the city’s most-awaited and well-loved festivals.

This is the month-long Pasko Sa Gensan, a brainchild of Mayor Jun Acharon which was envisioned to provide the generals with more reasons to celebrate the festive Christmas season, by way of events and activities designed for the “generals” of all ages.

Now on its sixth year of incarnation, Pasko Sa Gensan for 2008 goes a notch higher by transforming the central oval park and major throroughfares of the Tuna Capital into one magical dreamland, aptly named Enchanted Gensan.

The Poster for Enchanted GenSan. (Click on it for a larger view)

First Lady Dra. Rose Acharon, chairperson of Pasko sa GenSan ’08 celebration disclosed that they will be putting up 8 Castle Pavilions inside the Oval Plaza transforming it into an Enchanted Kingdom by night for the whole month of December.

These Castle Pavilions are the following:

  1. Fairyland – with elements of fairies, fairytale stories, etc.
  2. Magicland – with elements of magic shows, magic world
  3. Santa’s Kingdom – with elements of Santa Claus, reindeers, sleigh, etc.
  4. Toyland – with elements of toys and fun, etc.
  5. Fruit and Flowerland – with elements of fruits and flowers
  6. Circus Land – with elements of circus, carnival, carousel, etc.
  7. Galaxy Land – with elements of space, astronomy, etc.
  8. Safari Land – with elements of adventure, animal land, etc.

A number of public and private schools have committed to construct these themed castles at the Oval Plaza, the centerpiece for this Christmas Festival.  Each castle-pavilion will compete for the Best Fairytale Kingdom Contest.

Complimenting the castle-pavilions at the Oval Plaza are these attractions:

  • Disneyland – Oval Plaza Children’s Playground
  • Disney Towers – Decorated/lighted towers
  • Magic Wands X’mas Tree – Giant Christmas tree at the center of Oval Plaza
  • Grand Castle Ballroom – decorated Oval Stage

Additional Fairytale attractions in key locations are the following:

  • King Arthur’s Castle – City Hall façade
  • Knight’s Ballroom – City Hall lobby
  • Way to Camelot – Pioneer Avenue, P. Acharon blvd.
  • Santa’s Sleigh Stations – Gas Stations
  • Disney Castles – Banks’ façade
  • Bayfront Castle – Queen Tuna Park
  • Fairy Parol Contest – Fishport

There will also be various competitions and shows like Ground demonstation, Drum & Lyre, Dance Fusion, Himig Pasko Christmas Carol, Disney Towers, Fairy Parol Contest, Fairytale makeover, Pasiklaban ng Radio Stations, Christmas Cantata, Fairytale Nights, Christmas Carnaval, Party Zone, Libreng Gupit, and Fireworks Display.

Pasko sa GenSan 2008 Artistic Director Edgar Cadiente, explained that this year’s theme which is, “Once  upon a Yuletide Season / An Enchanted GenSan”, captures a fairytale, dreamy flavor.

“We will transform the whole Tuna Capital into a fairy tale landscape,” he added.

With that, expect General Santos City to be the place to visit this December, by residents of nearby towns and provinces as they experience for themselves the spirit of Christmas in this magical city while being cast under a spell with all its promise of an adventure in fantasyland.