Ever since Enchanted GenSan was launched on in time for the Yuletide Season on December 5, 2008 at the oval plaza, hundreds of families have visited and were enthralled by the dozens or so themed pavillions, castles, palaces, magical kingdoms and Christmas villages  mounted by the city’s 26 barangays and participating public and private schools.

There is so much to see and enjoy at the oval plaza in itself that a good number of these Christmas revelers miss out on another attraction within the city government center which is also worth visiting.

I am referring to the General Santos City Hall facade which has been made up to look like a really big enchanted castle but view is obstructed from Pioneer Avenue because of the ongoing renovation of the Gen. Santos Park across it.

Enchanted City Hall

The Enchanted GenSan City Hall. Click on the pictures to enlarge it.

Enchanted GenSan City Hall side view

So after taking your fill of the wonderful attractions of the city oval plaza, go out through the exits across the oval covered court and walk  a few meters to the city hall building farther up south.

There in the stillness of the night, as opposed to the noisy merriment and clutter of oval plaza, the breathtaking sight of the enchanted gensan city hall will surely lull you and your families into the dreamy world of Sleeping Beauty….. which is basically the best way to cap a Christmas evening.

Enchanted GenSan will run until January 4, 2009.   Catch the christmas magic from 6pm to 1am nightly.  This is a major project of the local government of General Santos through the Office of Kagandahan Gensan, chaired by Dr. Rose Acharon.