If you are the type who would go for good adult contemporary music, mostly R&B, jazz, love songs and mellow hit tunes, then you must be in for a lot of disappointment lately… if you are based in GenSan.

Haven’t you been noticing that most of the top FM Radio Stations in General Santos, like MOR 92.7, K101 Love Radio, Campus Radio, Wild FM and I-FM have already shifted their formats to a more interactive and mass-based programming?

Gone are the days when mornings meant listening to perky upbeat wake-uppers, noontime to hits countdowns, lazy afternoons to bittersweet love songs and early evenings and rush hours to pure unadulterated rock.

Nowadays, what we have is a glut of the advice and dating services programs involving not only the deejays on board but also the listeners who can call or text in with their solicited advices and impressions on a hapless caller, letter sender or hot chick on the lookout for a potential boylet.

These used to be the staple of AM Radio stations but now, they are de riguer for an FM radio station hungry for higher listenership.

So it seems that from sunup to way past sundown, all we hear on the airwaves in GenSan are the deafening voices and hyena-like laughters and shrieks of both the deejays and their listeners, with both parties trying to get their discombobulated messages across at the same time.

Bariles has nothing against these kind of programming because they appeal to the young listerners!  Pero parang awa ninyo na, Bariles wants his music!!!

And you know what??  God must have been listening to him because one day, last July 2009, 94.3 Easy Rock FM Radio was born.

Easy Rock 94.3 FM Radio is owned by the same people behind K101 Love Radio FM but has a totally different market.

According to Station Manager, Dodie “Dr. Love” Ladrera, their new station will cater to listeners in the office or at work, who dig tunes from the 80s and 90s, lite rock, jazz rock, modern folk, popular hits of today and anything that do not go beyond acceptable decibel limits.  Most of all, there will be less clutter and talk and so people should expect more music in their programming.

Other than that, Easy Rock 94.3 will also be active on Events Hosting, by bringing in artists and performers who cater to the same A-B crowd that they target.

And as their slogan goes, Easy Rock 94.3 will play just the “RITE ROCK” for the general who has a distinctive sense of style in his choice of music!

GenSan News Online Mag is giving out stickers courtesy of Easy Rock 94.3 to the first 10 commenters to this blog post who will write their SONG REQUESTS along with their impressions. These songs will be played on the specified written hour you want to hear it. For more song requests though, please call (083) 552-2055.  Tell the deejay, Bariles sent you.  🙂