To give respite to their harried daily grind, the commuters of GenSan were treated to a show of awesome dance moves combined with traffic management skills by 14 of the city’s traffic enforcers, more popularly known as the Orange Boys at the city’s major highway junctions.

After a short but impressive performance during the launch of the Dancing Traffic Enforcers Project of the City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio during the Flag-raising ceremony of the City Hall employees, the first batch of “dancers” were dispatched to their respective assignments mostly at the city’s highway crossings where they started showing off their newly-acquired terpsichorean skills beginning at 4pm today.

The “Dancing Traffic Enforcers Project” was undertaken under the tutelage of Assistant City Administrator Glennville Gonzalez who requested for 12 MP3 Players for his men and had them trained to dance to the tune of “Billy Jean”, combining it with their traffic hand signals.

And so everyday, from Monday to Sunday, this first batch of 14 traffic enforcers will be seen in the following junctions:  RD Plaza Junction, Pendatun-Highway, Roxas-Highway, Leon Llido-Highway, Gaisano Entrance-Highway, Bula-Lagao Road-Highway (near Robinsons).

Here is a video taken this afternoon and uploaded to VIMEO by Alexis Chua.