The sun was mercilessly hot that Christmas Day of 2008 that my siblings and I decided to hie off to the nearest inland resort in GenSan City and cool ourselves.

Too bad! We found out later that the available springs resorts and pools from our place at Yumang Street in Purok Malakas were full of people like us wanting to escape the heat.

Finally, one of my nieces remembered that she attended a children’s party one time at the swimming pool of the  T’boli Hotel along the GenSan City National Highway beside the Yellow Bus Compound. Well, I have been driving past that landmark GenSan hotel numerous times already and it was apparently the right day to check out this place owned by Mr. and Mrs. Orly Mirabueno. We immediately drove to the place.

T'boli Hotel along National Highway
A GenSan Hotel along National Highway, called T'boli

We were in luck. Except for a couple and their kid, T’boli Hotel’s pool was vacant and seemed to be waiting for us.

I couldn’t resist the crystal clear treated water and so I jumped in and immediately started a few laps. God! It’s was pure cool heaven on a dry, sizzling hot day! There was a deep part (around 7 feet for adults) and a separated shallow portion for kids. A giant white toadstool which served as a non-stop shower at the center was a refreshing idea. I even tried the blue slippery slide and due to my weight and size, I slid down like a rocket in less than 5 seconds.

Just imagine the splash I made! Hahaha!

Swimming has always been my most favorite sport since I was a kid in GenSan City and I am usually in my best elements when floating on water. God, I never had so much fun in a swimming pool for a long time like that visit to one of the landmark GenSan hotels, the T’boli Hotel and Restaurant at the Tuna Capital.

Now if only they served food that morning, I could have also reviewed their culinary offerings. (The cook was off for the Christmas Day.) So better watch out for that later.

By the way, we were charged P50 each person only for the use of the pool. Not bad huh?

Hey! Come to think of it…. Why don’t I just spend my Birthday celebration there on Monday? Sponsors anyone? Lord, I really need kind souls to hear my call!!!!! 🙂

Here are some of our pictures which you can click on for enlargement.