Was buying some fresh frozen tuna products at my favorite Pacific Seas Seafood Market for the Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0 Speakers last week when I noticed a frenzied construction activity right across the highway from the store.

Right between the Tandem Center Building housing the popular joint Veranda and the CED Buildings is what seems to be the makings of a big warehouse.  Upon closer look, I saw this yellow billboard at the front part of the property.

It’s an announcement of a soon-to-open MINI-MARKET (as the billboard says), named TOP 7 Mart.

The billboard goes on to say:  “For Inquiries, please call 0922-8500111.

And obviously, TOP 7 Mart is also owned by the Tan Family, who owns the Tandem Center Building 7 and Veranda since the billboard also says: “Submit your resume/biodata at the Veranda Cashier.”

I hope this new business is sort of like a one-stop warehouse club where we can just buy anything without going through the long lines of today’s malls in GenSan.  That sure would be a welcome development.