Yes!  You read it right!

As the title of the post says, there are really Cheap Flights from Philippines Airlines starting from P10.00 all in,  and one of these is the Davao-GenSan-Davao route.  The catch is, you will have to travel via TIME MACHINE to get them because they were offered ages ago.

The year?  1961.

During that time when the Philippines was still in equal footing to Japan in terms of economic wealth and prosperity and the term OFW was unheard of, cheap flights from the country’s only airline was the order of the day.  Since the dollar exchange rate was only P2.02 then,  a lot of Filipinos were jetsetters, doing their shopping in Europe, and in the United States of America.

Although there were fewer local flights that time, the available ones were priced at amounts that will make you salivate for the old days !  In the early 1960s, the only way to travel to Davao from GenSan and vice-versa was to go around what is now Sultan Kudarat and make your way out via North Cotabato.  Since the roads were still unpaved, a one-way trip would take more than 12 hours.  But then, Philippine Airlines were offering quicker Davao-GenSan and GenSan-Davao flights, and they really come cheap!

The scanned images of the plane tickets below are proof of the cheap flights from Philippine Airlines that time.  These are the Davao-GenSan plane tickets of my parents, Avelino and Maria which they used in May 9, 1961, after their honeymoon in Davao City.  They were married three days before that in May 6, 1961 at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish Church, which was then a new parish.

Tomorrow, May 6, 2009 would have been their 48th Wedding Anniversary.  This post is dedicated to them.


Ticket Issued to my mother, costing P10 only, from Davao to GenSan

Dad's Cheap Davao-GenSan Plane Fare

Ticket issued to my father for the Philippine Airlines Davao-GenSan route