One of the most awaited events unfolding this weekend is the Search for the Bb. GandangHari 2011 Pageant Finals.

The pageant gives young out-and-proud gays their very own venue to showcase their beauties and talents much like their female counterparts but this time, with more fun, gaiety and pizazz.

The producers of the show, Project O! Consultants is certain that the Coronation Night is sure to dazzle and amaze those who will watch it at the Gaisano Mall  of GenSan Atrium in a two-hour spectacle starting at 3:00 pm on February 20, 2011.

Last weekend, the whole atrium of the Gaisano was filled with gawkers, admirers and supporters of 11 pretty and svelte title-seekers who made it to the finals.  Most of these striking  beauties were from GEnSan and about a couple were from Davao City.

Check out their photos below and you’ll be amazed at their their looks and form.

To see more of them, watch them perform, sashay, and outdo each other on Sunday, 3pm at the Gaisano Mall of GenSan atrium.  It will surely be one hell of an exciting, funny, entertaining Pageant Finals for the Search for Bb. GandangHari 2011.

Be at the venue early.  It will be jampacked again for sure.

Thanks to for the photo collage above.