Yes!  You read it right!  Bariles, the author of this multi-awarded blog, the number one blog in South Central Mindanao, got himself interviewed by!

So what’s the big deal?  What is and what does it do?

Its website actually puts it very clearly: is a new directory featuring the best Filipino blogs in the blogosphere. Using data from and Alexa each blog’s statistics such as rank, links and other information are gathered and stored, therefore “ratifying” it. The data is then used as the basis for ranking’s top 100 Philippine blogs. (highlights ours)

For quite some time now, GenSan News Online Mag has moved up the ranks of since it applied for “ratification” in 2009.

Currently, Bariles’ blog is included in the TOP 50 Philippine blogs and is ranked as number 43! Yey!

Ayway, just very recently, Bariles received an email from containing a set of questions concerning his blog and his blogging experiences!  Wow! Bariles was ecstatic of course!  His blog’s inclusion in the Top 50 Philippine Blogs was one thing but to be featured in an interview at the same site is well, like winning the lotto!

Just imagine, being in the same league as these famous and illustrious bloggers who were interviewed before him – Derek Punsalan, Jayvee Fernandez, Aileen Apolo, Andrew dela Serna, Lyle Santos, Jehzeel Laurente, AJ Mahtela, Dexter Panganiban, Karlo “Pinoyblogero” Licudine, among others!

Bariles is on cloud nine today and couldn’t talk.  So we might us well end this with the link to that interview.

Congratulations Bariles!!!