UPDATE:  March 12, 2011, Saturday.  WATCH THE AIRING OF THE SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS FEATURE at 6:55 PM TONITE @ BALITA PILIPINAS, Channel 65 on Skycable GenSan and Channel 11 in Manila!!

Late last year, in November 2010, the Soccsksargen Bloggers or Sox Bloggers, for short were featured in a just-relaunched at that time ISYU KARON, GMA-TV 8‘s daily docu-news program airing in General Santos City and outlying areas.

The feature centered on the group’s history, its reason for being, its activities and some interviews with a few of its members, including Bariles, who is the 3-year old group’s co-founder and “self-proclaimed” leader.  It introduced to the world, the young men and women, who through their online journals are advocating the spread of news and articles portraying the best of their beloved region, South Central Mindanao. (Check out the news feature on YouTube below.)

The docu-news segment on them was a hit, so to speak, and the Sox Bloggers basked in their 15-minute fame.  After that, they moved on with their lives, continued blogging and forgot all about it.

But then again, there was more life into the Sox Bloggers Docu-news feature after all.

GMA-TV 8’s Michael Carbon, the young reporter who filed the report, called Bariles last night to announce that the newly-launched 24/7 all-news channel of GMA, dubbed as GMA News Channel (replacing QTV)will be airing the Sox Bloggers feature NATIONWIDE!!

YES! You’re reading it right!

On Saturday, March 5, 2011, Anytime next week, at 6:30pm, (that is tomorrow) the initial telecast of their new primetime news program,  BALITA PILIPINAS will headline the SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS in their program, using Michael Carbon’s 15-minute docu-news feature!  That really freaked out Bariles who couldn’t believe his group’s luck.

Since the original production was in Cebuano, they might re-dub it to Tagalog for all the whole country to understand.  Below is the teaser for BALITA PILIPINAS.

In Metro Manila, GMA News Channel can be seen at Channel 11.  Here in GenSan, it’s only available on cable and may be found at Channel 65 on Sky Cable.  It will be hosted by Arnold Clavio, who from afar, actually looks like Bariles! 🙂

Thank you GMA News Channel for this opportunity to be heard and seen all over the country.  And thank you, GMA-TV 8’S Michael Carbon, for believing in our worth and beaming our hopes and wishes for a more progressive GenSan and the rest of South Central Mindnao, all throughout the world.

So, don’t forget to watch the Soccsksargen Bloggers, on BALITA PILIPINAS, airing at GMA NEWS CHANNEL, Channel 65 on SkyCable GenSan, next week, anytime on Saturday, March 5, 20100, at 6:30pm.  Check back here to find out the exact day. Woot!!