Enjoy game changing essentials on a student-friendly budget!

Now that face-to-face classes are coming back into the picture, Filipino students and teachers alike are once again challenged by the need for good, reliable technology to complement their workload in the academe. 

Aside from schoolwork, there are also a number of hurdles that students and their families face on a daily basis: the long commutes, the abrupt adjustment to physical or hybrid setups, and most importantly—budget

Luckily, narzo presents a convenient solution to these problems. The game changing narzo 50 series can cater to each student type and their needs to survive the daily grind of school with a lineup of more affordable, all-rounder smartphones that definitely won’t break the bank. 

“Making technology accessible for all means introducing student-friendly prices. We offer quality smartphones that students can save up for, even just with their allowance,” says Allen Yin, Country Manager for narzo Philippines. 

“We are able to anticipate the price sensitivity of this young bracket, and have ensured that our lineup fits their budget given that there are other fees in school.”All narzo 50 series models below are available in Lazada, TikTok Shop, and 26 offline narzo stores and kiosks nationwide.