Watch out JMix Bar and Q Bar!

The Grand Old Dame is back, lovelier than ever!  The premier party place of the early 21st century has risen from the ashes like the phoenix and is out to reclaim its glory!

Generals,  prepare to go back inside East Asia Royale Hotel’s crown jewel and once again, get lost in its dazzling fusion of lights and dance music and get drowned in its mix of continental thirst quenchers and drink buddies as they bring us the new BABES BAR in its event aptly titled BABES BAR RELAUNCH.

For two eventful nights this weekend, October 29 and 30, New Babes Bar which has undergone a makeover for at least 3 months will once again be opened to GenSan’s partyphiles and secure its proper place in the hearts of the city’s nocturnal creatures.

Being the Halloween weekend, a Halloween Costume Party with a Mardi Gras Theme awaits the party-goers at the new Babes Bar.  Exciting prizes and surprises are in store for the most fascinating and jaw-dropping attires!

Of course, entertainment will be provided by the resident dj’s of East Asia Royale Hotel‘s FOAM PARTIES, most notably DJ Moko and a party band from Davao City alternating with a local GenSan show band.

All these plus the chance to see and experience the state-of-the-art lights and sound system of the new Babes Bar will definitely make your Halloween nights something to really die for.