Scouring through the pageviews and comments that my posts have garnered over the past few months, I have noticed that my article about Robinsons Gen. Santos tops it all when it comes to the # of readers and responses.

As of this writing, this post which came out two months ago on June 20, 2008 has already been visited 1,634 times and has received 147 comments.  Whew!

I never realized how very much welcome this development is to the people of GenSan, who make up bulk of my readers until faced with these data.  And judging from the latest comments, they are hungry for more news updates about what should be the biggest mall in GenSan next year (before SM GenSan opens its doors a year later perhaps?).

And so, I tried to pull some strings, sent out a few email and got what I wanted –  Robinsons’s artist’s rendition of how the Robinsons General Santos would look.  Here it is, faithful readers: (click on the image for a larger view)