In a move that signals a new era of leadership, Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev) proudly announces the appointment of Miguel Rene A. Dominguez as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. This marks a pivotal moment for the company as it continues to expand its footprint in the real estate development sector.

Dominguez will be succeeding Rosie A. Dominguez, who will be retiring from her position as Executive Vice President. His ascension ensures continuity by taking on Rosie Dominguez’s comprehensive scope of responsibilities, promising to uphold and build upon the legacy of excellence that has defined the company under her stewardship.

Prior to this new designation, Dominguez served as Alsons Dev’s Director. Simultaneously, he was the Vice President for Operations at the Alcantara Group’s Agribusiness Unit, running the Philippines’ largest fully integrated aquaculture farm, value-added processing, and exports of fresh bananas and pineapples.

Shaping a visionary leader

Dominguez had a distinguished career in the government and business sectors that shaped his leadership philosophy. His professional journey began in agriculture, where he learned the value of empathy and communication. By working with people from different walks of life, he discovered the critical importance of motivating others and effectively conveying the company’s vision. This enabled him to rally everyone to work together towards a common cause.

Following his stint in agriculture, Dominguez transitioned to a role in government when he became the Governor of Sarangani. His tenure was marked by significant achievements under the mentorship of prominent leaders such as the late Jesse Robredo. His innovative programs and initiatives during his governance were recognized nationally, earning him three presidential awards and the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM) Award for Governance and Public Service.

Continuing Alsons Dev’s legacy

Dominguez’s extensive experience in agriculture, government, and management positions him to lead Alsons Dev into a future of continued success and innovation. His rich background provides him with a robust foundation in leadership and imbues him with the empathy and strategic foresight necessary to drive the company forward.

“We must always give credit to those whose shoulders we stand on, not just professionally but also for the experiences that shaped us as individuals,” he said. “My mom Rosie’s legacy is one of utmost commitment to quality and fostering developments that emphasize family values. These guiding principles will continue to shape our future endeavors.”

Dominguez’s vision for Alsons Dev is forward-looking and ambitious, recognizing the need to differentiate the company in a competitive market. In recent years, Alsons Dev has expanded its focus beyond high-end developments to serve a broader market, including underserved segments seeking value-driven housing solutions. Dominguez is excited about this expansion and the opportunity to provide family-centric developments where families can live safely and thrive.

In addition to being the new President and CEO of Alsons Dev, Dominguez will concurrently serve as the Director for Corporate Strategy for the Alcantara Group’s Agribusiness Unit (ABU), underscoring his versatility and the trust the organization places in his leadership capabilities.

As Dominguez steps into his new roles, his wealth of experience and visionary approach herald a new chapter for Alsons Dev and the bigger Alcantara Group, which is celebrating its 70th founding anniversary this year.