[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are tens of thousands of healthcare informatics startups around the world, many of which emanate from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea and India to name just a handful of countries who are entering into the race against time with life-saving IT technology in the realm of healthcare. In fact, even prestigious universities are offering advanced degrees in healthcare informatics because this is technology that is literally saving lives by the millions. But what about at home in the Philippines?

What mark are we making in an industry that is revolutionizing healthcare? One company comes to mind that has made a successful entry into health informatics. As a nation we have much to offer and this company is just one example of the great emphasis we place on improved healthcare through technology.


The Philippines Shining Star in Health Informatics

The name of the Philippines’ shining star in health informatics is rightly called, Health Informatics, Inc. This is a startup that specializes in EHR – Electronic Health Records and has offered solutions to countries such as the United States by providing solutions for companies such as EHRI, E-Health Records International, Inc. This is a San Francisco based company that offers a patient centric platform that is secure, accessible and extremely user friendly and ‘easy to learn.’
The platform was created by Health Informatics, Inc. based on parameters set by E-Health Records International and is so highly successful that a great number of US based healthcare providers are now seeking similar platforms developed by this startup from our own Philippines and is putting us on the map of cutting edge of healthcare informatics. That is something to be proud of and we commend the Manila based team for their successful entry into the wide world of HIT, Health Information Technology.

What This Means for the Future of Healthcare Informatics in the Philippines

Not only is this one company putting a mark on a global map, telling the world of technology that the Philippines is on the cutting edge of healthcare informatics but the possibilities for the economy are endless. As an industry, there is a great need for improved patient centric technology that will improve outcomes in patient treatment, speed up the rate at which patients can be diagnosed and treated as well as helping to provide a Cloud based platform where patient records are readily accessible to doctors and care providers NOW in real time. No more waiting for faxes or courier delivery of records; it’s all in the click of a mouse and an Internet connection.

Healthcare reform is entering a new generation and we, in the Philippines, are proud to be a part of history in the making. With new startups on the books every day, there is hope that someday cures for hitherto untreatable diseases such as some forms of cancer can be not only managed but cured as well. It is through the dissemination of information that technology can advance at the speed of light and so it is our hope that interested professionals take up the banner and invest in a career in healthcare informatics. It saves lives.