Do you know that General Alexander B. Yano, the current Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines used to be assigned here in Socsargen?

Yes sir!

In the year 2002, he was the commanding general of the nearby Army station in the municipality of Malungon, then known as the 601st Brigade but now named as the 1001st Brigade.

That was the time when GenSan was at her most peaceful, with no single occurrence of any terror act during his term.

This made him very popular among the Tuna Capital’s business and other sectors, leading him to forge close friendship with some.

Just recently, the general who has been “adopted” as a “son of GenSan” was back in his second home once again, this time, to be feted by no less than the Mayor of the city with his close friends from different sectors in attendance, including Governor Migz Dominguez of Sarangani Province.

It was a night full of warm laughter and pleasant memories as the “soldier’s soldier” and some of  his friends  including Mayor Acharon recalled those times when he used to visit the city and personally check on them.  Speeches about him dealt with his being very accessible, generous of his time and a loyal friend.

Not many know that GenSan Mayor Acharon and General Yano share something in common – they are both CIVIL ENGINEERS, and both were schooled in Cebu City, and both had sterling careers, being top in their chosen fields.

It is no wonder then that when the General comes home, just like when he did earlier this month, to the  place who has treated him like a son, no less than the Father of the City rolls out the red carpet for him.

From us here at Bariles Republic, welcome home sir and be sure to check back on us most often possible. 🙂