Having a decent garbage disposal system is essential to maintaining a stress-free kitchen environment. A garbage disposal can make a huge amount of difference to the lifespan of the pipes beneath your home and, especially for those with children to feed, they make cleaning up after a meal as easy as possible. When you start looking at garbage disposal systems you will quickly realize just how many there are to choose from, but how are you to decide on the right one for your kitchen? In this guide we look at the most important things to consider, and what you need to be thinking about the most when you choose which system to buy.

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The first thing that you will need to take into consideration is the state and local regulations about what you are allowed in a garbage disposal system. If you are replacing an older model then this will be a simple case of looking for something that is similar in design, although if you want to upgrade then be sure that you understand what the requirements are. If you are installing a new unit for the first time then check out this guide to ascertaining the relevant regulations where you live.


It is important to be certain that the plumbing under your home will be able to cope with the strain placed on them by a garbage disposal above. Even if local regulations allow you to install your preferred garbage disposal system, you still need to ensure that the plumbing below ground is suitable for it. You will also need to check for an electrical outlet beneath your sink. If there is one, then you can simply plug your new system in, if not then you will need to wire it in to an existing circuit.

Motor Size

Motors for garbage disposals range from 1/3 horsepower, to 1 horsepower. If it is just you living in an apartment or house, then you won’t need much power, however for families or cohabitants, a more powerful garbage disposal system will be better equipped to deal with the amount of waste it will have to handle. A bigger motor will generally last much longer than the smaller variants, but a large motor is unnecessary for individuals or those who eat relatively little solid food.

Stainless Steel

It is worth taking the time to find a garbage disposal system that features stainless steel blades. Such a system might be a little more expensive than those without stainless steel, but this extra cost is offset by a longer lifespan and greater overall durability.

Check out the guides on Mr Garbage Disposal for an idea of what the best garbage disposal systems around look like.

Dishwasher Attachment

If you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, then you will want to opt for a system that comes with a dishwasher attachment. This attachment allows any food scraps that end up in your dishwasher to be flushed away through the garbage disposal system.
A garbage disposal system takes a lot of the stress and work out of keeping a tidy kitchen. It is worth investing in a good system, even if you have to pay more for it.