If you were looking for a place exotic enough where can lose yourself but familiar enough for you to integrate and find work in, then there aren’t many places that are better than the Philippines. Its fast-growing economy and world-class urban centers allow expatriates to get acclimated fast. It also has tons of great employment possibilities for travelers as well. Here are some of the positions you can find as an expatriate while traveling the Philippines.


While you can choose to work as an English teacher like many expats do, you can find all sorts of teacher jobs in the Philippines. You’d be surprised at how many job opportunities there are for US teachers. Whatever your discipline is, you can always find an institution with positions open.


If you currently work as a carpenter or have experience in carpentry, you’ll be able to find tons of work in the Philippines. Not only that, but carpenters are much more prized and respected in the Philippines than in most western countries.

You could either decide to work as an independent contractor and hire local help or find jobs yourself. Know that safety regulations are slightly different, and you might be asked to work longer days. However, the pace won’t be the same as what you may be accustomed to. If you want to get a job as a carpenter in the Philippines, it would be wise to visit a site like The Job Explorer to see what you can expect.

Not-for-Profit Organizations and NGO’s

There are plenty of not-for-profit organizations and NGOs operating in the Philippines that offer jobs to expats. Organizations like Save the Children and Unicef are always looking for new workers to support their efforts. The Peace Corps also has operations in the country if you’re here for the long haul.

If you want to apply, most NGOs and Not-for-profit organizations will have an email address where you can send your cover letter of interest. Make sure that it not only includes pertinent experience, but also the exact skills you can bring to the organization as well.


There is a wide demand for foreign-looking models and extras in the Philippines. This is mainly because the country wants to show a more international image to the world. You might be asked to do commercial work or even runway shows. If you’re looking for modeling work in the Philippines, there are plenty of local agencies that can help.

Start a Business

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and don’t like the idea of a 9-5, then you could consider opening a business in the Philippines.

However, getting a business up and running will demand that you do the necessary market research and legwork. You also have to understand the local bureaucracy and know what it will take to be compliant.


The Philippines is full of opportunities for expats; you simply have to know where to look. If you have the qualifications and are ready to make a few adjustments, you should be able to flourish as a foreigner and find work within your field.