The unexpected happened on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Awarding Ceremony, the concluding activity of the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit at the Pearlmont Hotel, along Limketkai Drive in Cagayan de Oro City.

Most of GenSan News Online Mag‘s readers know that this blog has been nominated in the CHIKKA Readers’ Choice Award for Mindanao of the PBA and there was less than 5 days for people to vote for it via Text Messaging.

With that limited time, Bariles was able to post an article about it, and put the link on his Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Multiply and Friendster accounts. He informed his friends via email and notified his yahoogroups Notre Dame Highschool 1978 and the GenSan Generals in the Middle East . He also wrote to his Google Groups GenSan Camera Club, the Soccsksargen Bloggers Group and the Mindanao Bloggers E-group.

Bariles believed that if people liked what he has done with GenSan News Online Mag, then surely they will show their appreciation with their text votes! He even coined the phrase, “A vote for Bariles is a vote for GenSan!” to drive home his point.  And Bariles left it at that.

On Saturday evening, the night after the deadline of the text voting,  Bariles went up the stage after Juned Sonico, of the Philippine Blog Awards announced to a jampacked hall of Pearlmont Hotel in Cagayan de Oro that due to an overwhelming lead in the text voting, GENSAN NEWS ONLINE MAG is the CHIKKA READERS’ CHOICE AWARDEE for Mindanao!!!

Bariles receiving the prize for GenSan News Online Mags win as CHIKKA READERS CHOICE AWARDEE from Philippine Blog Awards Juned Sonico.
"Bariles receiving the prize for GenSan News Online Mag's win as CHIKKA READERS' CHOICE AWARDEE from Philippine Blog Award's Juned Sonico."

Whoa! Bariles was holding back his tears when negotiating the short distance from his table to the stage.  He was very proud, to say the least and felt vindicated for the almost two years of hard work on his blog about his beloved city.  Looking out into the crowd, he beamed.  He really beamed!

But that was not all.  After a few minutes, Juned Sonico called the 10 names for the Globe Tatoo Digital Tribe Awardees for Mindanao, and yes, you are right!  Bariles was again summoned up the stage to receive his SECOND AWARD!  Other awardees were Oliver Robillo, ChiQ Montes, Migs Hipolito, Councilor Peter Lavina, Lyle Santos, Chattee Lara, Ria Jose, Bob Martin, and Andrew dela Serna.

Bariles together with the 9 other recipients of the GLOBE TATOO Digital Tribe Award - Mindanao, Influencers and Movers of the Blogging Community.
"Bariles together with the 9 other recipients of the GLOBE TATOO Digital Tribe Award - Mindanao, Influencers and Movers of the Blogging Community."

Bariles was mega ecstatic over his double win and went back to his seat to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.  He was only about to warm his seat when the familiar announcement, “…and the award goes to GENSAN NEWS ONLINE MAG” reverberated inside the hall again!!!  This time, it is Google Philippines’ Aileen Apolo calling out the winner for the “BEST DESTINATION BLOG AWARD for Mindanao.

Bariles receiving his 3rd award, The Best Destination Blog in Mindanao, from his good friend and soon-to-blushing-bride, Google Philippines Aileen Apolo.
"Bariles receiving his 3rd award, The Best Destination Blog in Mindanao, from his good friend and soon-to-blushing-bride, Google Philippines' Aileen Apolo."

When given the microphone to say something, Bariles was speechless. He would have wanted to share a wisecrack, say something witty or funny, being the natural comedian that he is but nothing came out.  All he could muster, after suppressing the tears that he was holding back for quite sometime now, was the awkward shout, “PARA SA GENSAN!”, while raising his 3rd trophy.

Bariles and his trophies at the Philippine Blog Awards 2009- Mindanao.
"Bariles and his trophies at the Philippine Blog Awards 2009- Mindanao."

And so with those unexpected wins, please allow Bariles to thank the following: (List to be updated later with links and additions… Sorry, hina na memory.)

  • The Lord God Almighty.
  • The 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Team, led by Juned Sonico.
  • The 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit Team, led by ChiQ Montes.
  • The Mindanao Bloggers Convenor, Blogie Robillo and his team.
  • The 4 other co-founders of the Soccsksargen Bloggers:
  • His ever-supported-till-the-very-end brother Orman Manansala of, who wrote a TOUCHING POST on this development.
  • His Adsense teacher, Lyle Santos and his supportive gf, Brendel Balaga.
  • The faithful readers and subscribers of GenSan News Online Magazine.  And yes, the lively and raucous commenters too!
  • The Soccsksargen Bloggers, especially the more active ones who are always ready with their presence during meet-ups, plurk fiestas, eyeballs!
  • The plurk fiesta sponsors of the GenSan Bloggers.
  • The Blog Contest Sponsors of GenSan News Online Mag, especially Mr. Michael Wee of Dreamwork Ventures and owner of the soon-to-open in Robinsons’ Grab A Crab Resto and Coffee Club 101.
  • Mr. Leonard Pe and the rest of his supportive colleagues at the CMO and up there at the SP.
  • His boss, the incumbent chief executive who was instrumental to the grand success that is the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit which Bariles spearheaded.
  • The lady representative of the 1st District of South Cotabato, who has been a faithful reader all these months.
  • His Facebook, Multiply and Plurk Friends, Fans and Followers… you know who you are.
  • His bloggers friends from Soccsksargen and GenSan; Cagayan de Oro; the whole of Mindanao; and Manila… you know who you are.
  • His late parents, Avelino and Maria for the inspiration and for instilling in him the virtue of patience and humility.  And beauty for that matter. (lol)
  • And the last but not the least, YOU, the reader of GenSan News Online Mag who was able to put up with it for almost two years.


Note:  Here is the complete set of winners of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao.

Here is a short video of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards-Mindanao courtesy of fellow honoree Ryann Elumba of HOLA ZAMBOANGA.