With the never-ending escalation of fuel prices in the country comes reports of car owners using less and less of their vehicles, opting to take public transport instead.

That should be “bad news” for gasoline station owners themselves because that would mean fewer and fewer customers for them.

But look!  Just very recently, three (3) SHELL Stations opened in General Santos City simultaneously on the same day!

One is located at the corner of Yumang Street and Mabuhay Road which has recently seen the mushrooming of new villages.  The other one is at the business district of Santiago Boulevard and the last one is along the the Lagao Highway.

If this isn’t “bucking the trend“, then I wouldn’t know what to call it.   Or maybe, the owners are seeing the silver lining behind the clouds and have too much faith in the economy of the city for them to be bothered with current events affecting us on a national level.

Talk about “positive thinking“. 🙂

And before I forget, at least five more gasoline stations owned by minor players Eastern Petroleum Corp., Flying V, Seaoil, and Unioil Philippines have also opened or are in the process of opening very soon.

Wow! Does Gensan really have that much vehicles to sustain all of these?  Or are these gasoline dealers sensing something rosy in the future for them to invest here?

Whatever it is, all these are redounding to the benefit of the people of Gensan.

What do you think?

Shell Mabuhay Road

Shell Station along Mabuhay Road at the corner of Yumang Street, owned by Ed Dumaran

Shell Santiago Boulevard

Shell Station along Santiago Boulevard, at the corner of Laurel East Avenue, owned by Marfin Tan

Shell Lagao

Shell Station along Lagao National Higway, at the corner of Lagao Parish Road, owned by Divino Tan