Oh my God!!!!

Bariles has been very busy the past few days with the GenSan Tuna Festival 2010 celebrations and in attending to his visitors from Davao City and juggling it with his duties in the highest office of the city that he forgot to notice one thing!

Sometime over the weekend, or earlier this week, this blog of his has already registered more than 1,000,000 visitors!!!!

Since Bariles started using the Bravenet Free Counter pictured above in November 28, 2007 (almost 3 years ago), GenSan News Online Mag which he put up to highlight developmental news on GenSan in particular and Soccsksargen in general, has received a total of over a million pageviews already.  A pageview is tracked every time there is a hit to the page or somebody accessed the blog.

Here is the rest of the stats..

A Unique Visitor is a visitor who has not visited the blog today based on their I.P. adresss.

A First-Time Visitor is a visitor who has not yet accessed the blog.

A Repeat Hit means a visit from a reader who has been to the blog already.

Whoa!  Whatever these all represent, they just mean one thing – YOU LOVE BARILES!!!  And you love GENSAN NEWS ONLINE MAG!!!

Daghang salamat kaninyong tanan!  And here’s to another million readers soon!