A few hours from now, my only brother Orman will be celebrating his birthday with his closest friends, office staff and church “disciples”.

How old is he?  Let’s just say, his age is still smaller than his waistline.  🙂

Before my greeting gets lost in the flurry of text messages and email wishes he sure will receive by the stroke of midnight, 28th of September 2008, allow me my dear readers and faithful subscribers to feature this little prayer which somehow, would be good for him as he faces a dilemma in his love life and showbiz career.  😉

This is for you little brother.  May this your birthday be as meaningful as the last one when Mommy and Daddy were still here.  May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to us, your family and to your friends.  🙂

Orman's Baptism Picture at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish

On your day, I wish you silence…
a quiet place where time stands still
and your own inner voice is the only one that speaks.
I wish you joyful remembrance of all things good
and warm and bright, and reflective celebration
of everything you’ve been through
that brought you to today.
I wish you peaceful closure
of that which needs it,
and a letting go
of things that only your heart knows…
And at the close of your day,
I wish you vibrant dreams
of the paths you have yet to travel….
…they are many, my brother,
all deliciously unknown
and ripe with possibility.