Bariles has never been to Dolores Garden Resort before and so after bringing Davao bloggers Lyle and Brendel to hear Sunday mass at the Trappistine’s Monastery at the foot of Mt. Matutum in Barangay Landan, Polomolok,  they,  together with his small bro Orman, proceeded to the place.

Dolores Farm Resort Signage
Dolores Farm Resort Signage

It was not difficult to locate the resort at Barangay Pagalungan, being just a few kilometers along the highway from the Polomolok bus terminal.  Once Bariles, who was driving saw their signage, he right away turned left to a small dirt road with durian trees planted on both sides, leading to their main entrance.

Dolores Farm Resort Main Dining Gazebo

Dolores Farm Resort Main Dining Gazebo

A big gazebo welcomed the group of hungry mass-goers where they were met by resort manager Bernard Lauron, who was once and still is GenSan’s best tuna sashimi slicer.

They were herded off to a long table at the main dining gazebo (serving as the lobby area) beside picnic huts overlooking the two large swimming pools, one for adults and one for kids.  These are the Kanyao Pools.  Its cool waters were so inviting that if only the group brought swimsuits with them, they would have jumped in right away.

Dolores Farm Resorts Two Swimming Pools

Dolores Farm Resort’s Kanyao Pools

The resort was jampacked with weekenders from all over the province of South Cotabato and GenSan and as Bernard himself revealed, some groups were there since Friday and have booked overnight rooms, in their Hotel Karancillo.

Dolores Farm Resorts Hotel Carancillo

Dolores Farm Resort’s Hotel Carancillo

At that time, too, a religious group was conducting a seminar at their Kradumthong Function Hall just beside their Main Gazebo.

Dolores Farm Resorts Kradumthong Function Hall

Dolores Farm Resort’s Kradumthong Function Hall

Eventually, our attentive waiters began serving us our food.

Dolores Farm Resorts Crispy Tilapia with Mayo Dip

Dolores Farm Resort’s Crispy Tilapia with Mayo Dip

The crispy tilapia crackled at our every bite but the meat was soft and didn’t have that fishy pond taste.  The mayo dip was a good foil, adding more flavor to the fish fingers.

Dolore Farm Resorts Oriental Veggies

Dolores Farm Resort’s Oriental Veggies

Bariles does not really dig vegetables but Dolores Farm Resort’s Oriental Veggies made him partake more than the usual because of its appetizingly tasty flavor (could be the oyster sauce).

Dolores Farm Resorts Garlic Chicken

Dolores Farm Resort’s Garlic Chicken

This one dish, Bariles particularly really  liked because it had him licking his fingers with the sweet sticky sauce from the honey-glazed chicken cut-ups.  And of course, the whole course wouldn’t be complete without the Fresh Fruit Platter and their naturally sweet fruit juices.

And hey, Dolores Farm Resort is also wifi-enabled that the satisfied group could have surfed the internet after their hearty lunch  except for the fact that PLDT/SmartBro was having problems that day.  Too bad because they would have wanted to stay longer and later, maybe catch some Pangasius FisH at their Monthong Game Fishing Park at the farther back portion of the resort.

Anyway, Bariles’ blogger-friends from Davao were ecstatic about their whole Dolores Farm Resort escapade that they also wrote about their experiences in their individual blogs below:

Dolores Farm Resort is located at Pagalungan, Polomolok, South Cotabato.  For more info, please contact Manager Bernard Lauron at (083) 500-9260 or 500-9362.  Thanks to RD Hotels and Resorts’ Head, Ms. Teresa Mondido for facilitating the bloggers’ visit.